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Meditation at Lotus


Meditation is the art of being aware. Most eastern philosophies believe that due to the pressures of modern life we have too much brain activity and energy in the upper body. There has never been a more restless world and never a more urgent need to relax.

Meditation brings us back to wholeness so that we witness life instead of responding to everything in an emotional way. All of us have deep peace inside ourselves but often we can’t hear it because the mind is making too much noise and ego gets in the way. India is the perfect place to meditate due to the slower pace of life here and the long tradition in this truly life enhancing practice.

Because sitting in silent meditation for hours is not so easy, we will show you simple techniques that can easily fit into your daily lifestyle. Once you incorporate meditation into your everyday activities your life becomes more intense, more joyful and you have more clarity of focus.


The meditative approach is to understand that in order to be at our best – and to receive the best from each moment – we need to be as aware as possible. And to be aware we need to be relaxed.”

“We need methods that yield quick results. If a man makes a seven-day commitment, by the end of that period he should begin to feel that something has happened to him.”

                                                From ‘Meditation the First and Last Freedom’, Osho


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