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Our Philosophy


We specialise in body and spirit wellness to bring body and spirit into balance. If there is a harmonic flow of energy through the body it improves general wellbeing. We are dedicated to helping you live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.


At Lotus Yoga Retreat we would like to raise awareness through yoga and meditation. We don’t want to do this too seriously but in a fresh, spontaneous way.



The Beach front resort Lotus -Oasis is managed by Manav.

At Lotus Yoga Retreat Goa we like to make you feel at home. Feedback from guests shows that the resorts have a special atmosphere and attract an interesting, international set of people. Our friendly, relaxed manner means even those who are not ‘yoga addicts’ will feel comfortable. We believe that you can do yoga no matter what age or shape you are. Yoga is for everyone and there is no ‘one way’ to practise. Your practice is also very personal because only you know how your body feels.

Another motto of ours is ‘diversity and tolerance’. Our team is truly international and we like to play on strengths.

No matter what your motivation is for coming here; whether it’s to reinvent your life or simply take a break we aim to make your stay in India relaxing, inspiring and altogether an unforgettable experience.



Fast growing bamboo, clay, stones and leaves are the main materials used in the eco-friendly design. As well as having minimal impact on the surrounding environment, building in this way allows guests to get closer to nature by staying in accommodation which actually feels as though it’s part of the lush habitat.


Sustainable Building

It’s imperative to use sustainable building materials to ensure that the impact on Goa’s environment is minimal.  Another key aspect to the sustainable development code of Lotus is to create local jobs – from construction to management. This ensures a continuous flow of money and work being fed back into the community.


Green Tourism

Sustainable tourism is taken seriously at Lotus. On a global level, the need for responsible tourism is becoming urgent. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. While it’s fantastic to see so many people getting out and exploring the planet, the pressure put on both environments and indigenous cultures is a cause for concern.  Thankfully, interest and awareness from travellers in sustainable travel and eco tourism is growing.



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